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You did it!

One year ago I decided to get my ass up off the couch!!! I had closed my salon and was very depressed, depressed about the way the world was going and the loss of long time friendships I made with clients for many years so I decided to do something about it! I joined Back to Health of Anthem 8 weeks to wellness program. I invested in myself!! My mantra about this place is (This is my place) They know me for me! They see me half asleep, bags under my eyes sometimes cry and sweaty lol They saw me when I first started not being very functional to quickly joining the group doing harder workouts. BTH is a family and they welcome you as family! I mean look at this card! They all signed it and I have built relationships here that are priceless I am so thankful I made this choice to take care of myself and by the way it helps me keep up with my grandson hide and seek is in full swing over here and boy can he run now! Thank you Back to Health, Mary, Ben, Dr B, Desi, Sara, JoDee, Heather, Genea and Jordan it’s always a pleasure to to enter this special place!!!

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