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Why Ironman?

OK, so as we kick this off my plan is to share with you the what behind the why?? Why Ironman?? Because I can and I need goals to make me work and not get lazy. Since I decided to bite this off again 10 years after my last Ironman - I thought it should be for a good cause. This time we are aiming to raise between 12-15K for Youth for Troops. Such a cool organization but we will save a separate blog for just them in a week or so…….

So what is an Ironman??? its a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and then a 26.2 mile run. With such a long race there are so many things to consider like nutrition, workouts, recovery and even the mental aspect. This week I made some major strides as I get ready to really start my 6 month specific training program.

The area of the race where I will probably spend the most time is the bike portion. It's 112 miles and you want to be as comfortable and efficient as possible so that your legs are as fresh as they can be for the run portion. When it comes to a Triathlon specific bike there are quite a few differences from your normal road bike. When you road race or ride a standard road bike, you are doing more climbing than usual and triathlon for the most part is pretty flat with some minor hills. On the bike course I will spend most of my time in whats called the aero position, or down on my elbows in a tucked position. This will save wind drag and keep me as fresh as I can be for the run. Here is my triathlon bike as I am still getting it dialed in for me…..

Fundraising will be kicking off in the next week so stay tuned for some fun events, ways to get involved and support our community!

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