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Well worth the time

We had a patient that came in as an 8 Weeks to Wellness client and as he was touring the office and getting familiar with the program, he said he wanted his story on the wall.

Meet David! He came in and took the program very seriously. David crushed every workout, changed his habits, learned important nutrition tips with meal prepping and planning ahead, developed a healthy mindset and significantly changed his life. His wellness score went to a scary F and a healthy B!

Here are David's words: Have you ever said “I’ll start Monday…” or “I’ll start tomorrow…”? Well, that was my life. Sure, I did some athletic events lately, but I struggled hard. When my father passed away, it made something finally click inside. I needed to change my health!! I finally decided to enroll in 8 Weeks to Wellness at Back to Health of Anthem. I had been going there for chiropractic care for years, but always though “I can’t stick to that program.” Dr. Brian Hester, Desiree Hester and Sarah Gradillas pretty much treat you like family. They have changed my life!! I have lost close to 30 pounds from my all time high! My blood work has not been this good in YEARS! And my endurance on the bike has never been this good! If you want to make a difference in your health, I highly recommend it!

Now that David is done with the program, he has notice a significant difference in stomach discomfort and bloating when he doesn't make the same health deposits. David plans to continues to be consistent to be satisfied and successful with his new and improved lifestyle.

Give us 8 weeks and we'll change the rest of your life.

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