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We have a SUGAR problem

On the Minnesota to spend some time with family to celebrate my in-laws 80th birthday Now that I have your attention - this post is about reality. This post is about what I see from my lens, a Chiropractor/Wellness coach of over 30 years.

We have a problem in this country. Its not heart disease, its not cancer and its not diabetes. it's SUGAR!! All of these so called dis-eases, we are not born with however we develop them over the course of our lifetime.

Below is a pic of your standard hotel breakfast like the one at our hotel. Fakes eggs made from powder, processed sausage with maple syrup added and 75% of the rest is all complex carbs. Breads, muffins, yogurt, donuts, waffles and toast......

Now clearly this is my opinion so take it as such. "Our bodies keep an accurate description of what we put in them - regardless of what we write down on our food journal." Show me a person who has arthritis, joint pain, skin issues, gut issues, digestive issues and even mental health issues - I will show you a person that has TOO MUCH sugar in their diet/lifestyle. I can also show you people that roll up their sleeves each and everyday and reverse these things by making different choices.

All of this to say - don't sell your health short. Make the investments into you because if you don't do better on the front end, you will be chasing symptom/conditions later on down the road. The healthiest people I know: - pray daily - exercise 5-6 x a week - eat lean proteins/veggies and nuts/seeds - get sunshine on their skin - drink tons of water - get 8 hours of sleep each night - take nutritional supplements

Just do that....week in and week out! Then live a healthier life with less drugs and less medical procedures.

So what did I have?? Coffee for this guy - we will try again at lunch

Have a blessed weekend! Dr. B

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