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Training with Virtual events

When you are training for an Ironman, there are creative and fun ways to get in miles - whether it be biking, running, swimming, following a training plan or participating in virtual events. My latest trainings has included some virtual events with added challenge of high humidity and elevation.

Virtual events has been a new trend of competition especially with 2020 covid-19 pandemic. It's not my ideal way to race, but you can compete from anywhere- on your own or as a group. It's more affordable than an actual in-person race and it's a great opportunity to support charity and not worry about scheduling conflicts because it does give flexibility to complete at your own pace and timeline. You simply register online, participate your event, upload finishing time and a few days later you receive a medal. With the increase popularity and interest of these types of events, I personally signed up for the Canyon to the Coast and Stride for Kauai virtual events. Because you can pace yourself, I recently finished a couple cool events with a virtual bike ride of 600 miles over the past few weeks and then finished a virtual run around Kauai (100 miles) over the past 2 months. I'm so grateful for my consistent training partners, Sarah, Heather & Mary that help keep me accountable with my trainings. They helped me me wrap up my virtual events. A few weeks ago, we went to Skull Valley, which is outside of Prescott, Arizona, for a 53 mile ride with about 4000 feet of elevation gain. We then followed that up on Sunday with a modest 9 mile run and 75% humidity. I lost 5lbs in that run with the humidity! There is a big difference from dry heat which I'm used to training in and how it can differ from hot and humid conditions when it comes to endurance exercise. The thing about humidity is that it sucks the water right out of you. That's why it's important to hydrate well while you're running so that you can continue to perform for long periods.

Along with my Ironman adventures, we just had a fun and entertaining dodgeball tournament for Youth for Troops at the Back to Health's Functional Training Center. We were blessed to raise $820 for the event with players and generous donors. That’s about 23 hero packages that the Youth for Troops organization can send to our troops on an active military list. Did you know you can sponsor a hero for a month, three months and even a year commitment? They will receive a food and hygiene box. So grateful for our freedoms with their sacrifices. Our restaurant give back day with Two Brothers Kitchen in our very own community of Anthem also brought in a generous $400! My Ironman journey and team has inspired many great things for our veterans, so stay tuned and please plug-in where you can. You can always make a donation here to help our cause.

Next post will be a race update from our first training race called Mountain Man in Flagstaff so stay tuned….

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