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The Whitman Family

"Its like walking into CHEERS - where everybody knows your name."

Back To Health Chiropractic has been a part of our family for 10 years which includes My husband Don, and 3 children Bryce -16 Boston 13 and Sophie 11.  We love the office and everyone in it.  Its like walking into CHEERS - where everybody knows your name.  We are a very active family and try to live a very healthy lifestyle and we couldn't do that without the care of Dr. Brian. Our son Boston was very sick as an infant with RSV.  In his toddler years , every time he would catch a cold it would settle into his lungs and we would have to give him breathing treatments.  Over time Dr. Brians care resolved this issue. Our children have only missed 1 day of school in all their years.  Its not that we never get sick its that when we do it is very short lived. We strongly believe in being proactive with our health not reactive, therefore we come in once a week to maintain our good health. My kids will often say " I need to see DR. B and get cracked".  They know the benefits not because we tell them but because they feel the difference. Research will confirm all the benefits of chiropractic care but until you believe  it and experience it, will you know how amazing it truly is.  We are  blessed to be a part of this practice and pray that our children will continue this healthy lifestyle as they get older.” 

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