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The Riederer Family

"We couldn’t live without our Chiropractic Care!"

Overall Jeff and I are in very good health.  We follow a consistent regimen of running, weight training and a general healthy lifestyle.  Eva was born with a very rare heart and brain defect which left her unable to walk until shortly after the age of 4.  Up until that time, she had multiple surgeries which kept her in the hospital for most of her first years. She could not walk, so to get around she would “scoot” around either on her back or on her butt.  This had left her with uneven cranial pressure and one leg longer than the other due to alignment issues. 

By incorporating Chiropractic Care into our routine, we have seen and felt a huge difference in our health.  I have reduced joint pain and numbness in my arms.  Jeff has little to no lower back pain and his physical endurance has increased.  This has allowed him to complete his first marathon this year!  Eva has less cranial pressure and now because she is aligned and balanced on each side, she started walking a few months ago and is picking up speed.

Collectively, we all feel like we have more endurance, less pain and numbness and an overall sense of better health since incorporating Chiropractic Care into our healthy lifestyle.  We thank Dr. Hester for the healthy direction he has taken us.  We couldn’t live without our Chiropractic Care!

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