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The Gates Family

"We’re grateful to have Dr. Hester and the entire Back to Health team…"

Before visiting Back to Health our family had never been treated by a chiropractor. I suffered cluster migraines and tension headaches a couple times per month. For years I had been treating the pain and living in fear of the next episode. After a string of migraines in June of 2011 I decided to take a pro-active approach to my wellness with chiropractic care and yoga.

Since beginning treatment I have not had a single migraine and the other headaches are rare. Twice since becoming a patient I have suffered back injuries and had one terrible sciatica flair-up. In every case, I have been seen promptly and often with adjustments and words of encouragement until I was fully healed. My husband, Sean is a news video journalist. He has seen Dr. Hester regularly over the past 18 months to keep him pain free despite the daily demands of hauling heavy television gear all over town.

In addition to spinal adjustments, Dr. Hester has encouraged our family to drink more water and eat whole foods whenever possible. Having the Back to Health team on our side, holding us accountable for the choices we make as a family is a great resource.

Dr. Hester also helps keep our two, active boys in line and running at full speed (despite the beating they take mountain biking, skateboarding, doing tae kwon do, playing baseball and leaping off the furniture). We’re grateful to have Dr. Hester and the entire Back to Health team as a part of our active lifestyle.

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