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Today I am thankful for my health, 6 months ago I was in so much pain I could not get out of bed, I could not sleep, could not drive, could not do household chores, work, I could even hug my family without being in extreme pain. These last 6 months have taught me so much about myself and have shown me how much my family, especially my husband loves me. I have always struggled with taking care of myself, from eating, exercising and managing balance and stress my body shut down. God led me to Back to Health where slowly but surely with chiropractic care, diet and exercise I am getting better. Dr. Hester and his incredible staff have all played an intricate part in not only helping me heal physically and mentally but spiritually. Thank you so much to each of you for all you have done to help me get better. The best gift you can give yourself and those you love is to take care of your health. - Dusty, December 2021

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