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One day at a time

Life is full of ups and downs and peaks and valleys. It's part of life- personal, professional and even in the athlete's world. Couple updates to report on the training front…some good and some not so good. :( When things don't go as planned, you need to positively pivot in the direction that supports your goals, one day at a time.

Where did the last couple of weeks gone? We've been blessed to be able to see lots of rain here in Arizona - love the weather break and monsoons, but it definitely makes training in humidity a challenge. Not something that I'm used to :) As I mentioned in previous post, hydration is an important essential while training in humidity and heat during the summer months. Desiree and I had a chance two weekends ago to head out to Minnesota to spend some time with some good friends for 8 Weeks to Wellness. Got a chance to get in a couple of runs in and low and behold, it's very humid there this time of year as well. The usual cast of characters - Mary, Sarah and Heather are supporting my in Arizona, but while in Minnesota, good friends, Dr. Dane and Christy joined me on a 7 mile run. It was a great and sweaty run!

Back home its been a bit of the same during this summer stretch. I swim, I run and I bike. Some days are longer than others and Monday seems to be the day that I take a rest day from exercise. I wouldn’t say it's a complete rest day because at Back to Health, Monday is the busiest day of the week and I usually adjust close to 100 people! So blessed to be able to do what I do and love on those who need help with their Health. We had a patient ask if they could set up a prayer request box in the office - not sure why we haven’t done that before, however we are looking for God’s blessing to pour into those that are struggling and less fortunate than ourselves, so stay tuned for that in the next few weeks.

As for the not so fabulous news… right shoulder has been giving me trouble for years as I have an old Roller blade injury from 2002. Since I played in a dodgeball tournament a couple weeks back (raised some good money for Youth for Troops), it has been giving me fits. Hurts in the morning, hurts during the day and hurts in the evening. I got an MRI done to just check on what was going on to see how things were after all these years. Turns out not a lot has changed. I still have a separated AC joint, I have a torn labrum and I have a torn infraspinatus muscle which is part of the rotator cuff. So for a couple weeks I just let it rest and focused on biking and running. I made the tough decision to forego my next race in Flagstaff on August 15th. My focus will be rehab and keep the major goal in play for Ironman on November 21st. One of the most beautiful things about committing to an Ironman race is that it stretches you both emotionally and physically.

You never know what obstacles you're going to encounter while training for a big race, however we put on our game face and press forward. We get the opportunity to do hard things and so we man up and do the best we can. Keep trusting the process, don't lose sight of your goals and take one day at a time.

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