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My Ironman is Postponed!

Howdy folks - its been a couple weeks since I posted an update and there are several reasons why. We have been traveling like crazy in between the busy days at work! We headed to Rock Hall, Maryland and spent Labor Day on the Chesapeake Bay, boating and enjoying some delicious crab. Then we headed back to Minnesota this past weekend for a wedding of our niece.

Training has continued as far as running and some light biking, however I have run into countless issues with my shoulder. It hurts when I work at Back to Health, it hurts when I swim and it hurts at night when I sleep. I prayed about it and I prayed about it, as to figure out what to do in regards to Ironman. I knew it was getting down to the wire when my coach kept asking if I could pull it together and telling me I better get busy :) I made a list of Pros vs. Cons and ultimately came to the decision to postpone the Ironman for this year. I would like to give it some more time to try and heal so that using it becomes enjoyable once again and not something I loathe each and every day.

When we started this journey the goal was to raise between 12K-15K for Youth for Troops and we are well on our way! It's been amazing gathering community for this incredible organization. Life isn’t always fair and how you respond to things is how we grow. I have learned the best thing is to be honest so that others can cheer with you, can grieve with you and can lend a prayer or a shoulder when things are going against you. Having the support of everyone cheering me on makes it that much harder to bow out for now, however we will continue to make a stand for our Veterans - those who serve tirelessly and defend our freedoms we enjoy daily. Look for some other FUNdraising efforts coming up before the end of the year. Thank you so much for catching the vision with your generosity for the last five months - its great to see the impact that we are making in our wellness community is making an impact locally and globally through care packages.

We have so many amazing things that happen with our team and our patients, so stay tuned as we use this platform to share their stories going forward. Make it a blessed day!

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