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Massages are for more than Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

We see commercials during Mother's Day and Valentine's Day all about spoiling the one you love with the gift of a massage. It always makes it sound like getting a massage is this added bonus that you should get when you just want to splurge on something unnecessary. Can we just start today talking about how that's a load of garbage?

Why choose Back To Health of Anthem​ for your massage?

At Back To Health of Anthem, we feel that our massage therapy program is an incredibly important and necessary part of our clients' success.  Combined with chiropractic care, functional training and nutrition, massage is the knockout punch, so to speak, in our care programs.  Yes, a massage feels REALLY good (and if it doesn't, you need a new masseuse.) But at Back to Health, we go beyond that. We want to have the entire experience, start to finish, be one that focuses on you and your goals. 

What will your massage be like at Back To Health of Anthem?

1) Client-Centered: Our therapists are going to take the time to find out what YOU would like to experience in your massage. Whether it's stress reduction, reduced muscle spasm/soreness, workout recovery, injury recovery, THAT is where we'll focus our attention in your massage session. It's YOUR massage after all.

2) Goal-Driven: Using your goals to guide them, our experienced therapists will use specific techniques to get you where you want to be. 

We focus on a 3 step process to knock out your goals:

1) We work to provide ease to your biggest concern. What's bugging you the most? This could be: pain, muscle spasms, or even helping to calm your breathing to break through stress.

2) We work to facilitate movement: This is where we really get into the work. Anything from breaking up fascial restrictions, lengthening/softening muscles, tendons and ligaments, and mobilizing frozen, stuck or restricted joint movements.

3) We work to aid in functional change: Here's where it gets real--to get the most out of your relief from your massage, our therapists will send you home with some helpful feedback and activities that will help you to continue to recover after you leave.

Our goal is to help you feel better for longer. We want to get you back to the active, pain-free life you are looking for!

Give us a call at (623) 551-6677 and let's get you on the schedule! 

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