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Life Changing Program

The experience of working with the team at Back to Health of Anthem has been more than worth it. My wife and I discovered through a health screening that we had health concerns that needed to be addressed. Most concerning for me was learning I was borderline pre-diabetic and had issues with my cholesterol.

We immediately enrolled in the 8 Weeks to Wellness program. Several people were surprised to see me in the program because physically I looked OK on the outside. The program is very detailed and offers support of the entire BTHA team. You have a dietitian, personal trainer,masseuse and chiropractor. You also receive in-depth health education and a list of the necessary nutritional supplements for your success.

The program is tailored to your wants, needs and physical abilities. For 8 weeks my wife and I commuted from Goodyear to Anthem to participate. The program is that good and life changing. After completing the program my blood test came back with everything in the normal range. My strength and endurance have increased. My body fat was cut in half and my lean muscle increased dramatically.

Being a parent of two kids, what I have learned and experienced with BTHA has been amazing. My wife and I look forward to working with and learning more from the team in the future. The 8WW program is a life long experience that has taught us how we can be in the best possible health to experience life to the fullest with our kids. - May 2019

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