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How WELL are you, really?

“Hey, how are you?”

"So good, thanks!"

How many times a day do we go through that dialogue? Just exchanging pleasantries with people we see all the time. I mean, yeah, it would be a pretty weird move to answer “how are you?” with “well, I’m not sleeping well, I’m feeling lonely, and my knee swells up when it’s about to rain.” 

That’d be awkward.

But how “good” are we, really?

So many people judge their health on how they feel, yet there are so many health concerns that don't have symptoms that you feel or can see.

You can't feel clogged arteries.

Your mental health declining doesn’t give you a rash.

You can’t see your cells becoming dehydrated--well, actually you kind of can. But, you get the picture. 

Symptoms are usually the things that get our attention first, but do you really want to hang your wellness on whether or not you have a headache today? At Back to Health of Anthem, we offer a comprehensive wellness score that gets to the science of how your body is REALLY functioning. Of why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling--or not feeling.

When we do your wellness score we look at numerous bio-markers of health and actually give you a grade, A - F. And make a plan to get those grades on the Dean’s List. Because it doesn’t matter if you feel great if walking up a flight of stairs winds you so much that you have to take a break. It doesn’t matter if you look amazing if your internal organs are fighting to work efficiently. None of those feelings matter if you still can’t run around with your kids and grand-kids.

At Back to Health of Anthem, we’ve always striven to make our patients feel that they were more than that. More than patients, you’re treated like family. And this is how we care for our family--making sure you’re healthy enough to do the things you enjoy with the people you love.

Call or message our office to schedule your Wellness Score today for only $35! 


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