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Love my place for health and wellness Back to Health of Anthem. For years I wanted to “get fit”, even though I’ve always been in pretty good shape. But my eyes were opened by Brian Hester and his team that it’s more than just getting fit, it’s about committing to a lifestyle change. I’ve been seeing Dr. B as my chiropractor for over 15 years and he has helped me keep my battered body (8 surgeries, a story for another day) in alignment so I could keep doing the things I loved, be active with my family and compete at golf.

But this last year was different. The team at BTH has not only taught me to eat wiser, use massage therapy to keep my muscles relaxed, continue chiropractic aligning and be consistent in the gym, but they give the reasons and knowledge of WHY it’s so important. Accountability is everything and they do such an amazing job at BTH, encouraging you to want to keep yourself accountable and being there to support you in the “tough times”. I’m so grateful for this place, I feel the best I ever have in my life, more vibrant, increased vitality, and over all, just happier. Like so many, I dreaded the gym and didn’t stay consistent. But oh how that has changed. I love going to the ‘Functional Training Center’ and improving my health by ‘Training’ with people of all ages.

There is a quote that means more to me today than I ever thought it would and it’s on one of my BTH shirts “An athlete eats and trains, an athlete does not diet and exercise”. I’ve always considered myself an athlete my entire life, but that one quote humbled me. I can honestly say I love how I feel now, as an athlete, because I don’t diet and exercise, I eat and train. If you’re sitting on the fence of committing to a lifestyle change, come to BTH, get a consultation and see how your best life can be achieved. I thank God that BTH is my “Home for Wellness” and it will be for as long as I’m here. Thank you BTH, has anyone told you that you’re awesome yet today? - Ben Kreger, July 2022

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