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Dye Easter Eggs Naturally

Back to Health of Anthem are community influencers for the Anthem Clean Juice. Clean Juice comes to our office for special events and certain Wellness Wednesdays, offering samples to our patients. We love that our community has a healthy and organic shop to go for juices, cleanses, and food.

Clean Juice recently sent an email out with directions on how to dye Easter eggs, naturally. You can count healthy and real ingredients for your Easter egg fun!

Celebrate the beautiful colors of nature with a few simple ingredients. Artificial food dyes are responsible for the bright colors of candy, sports drinks and baked goods. Certain colored dyes may cause sensitivities and can be harmful to your health, many of them have since been found to be toxic.

At Back to Health of Anthem, we always encourage meals and recipes with real ingredients that will serve your mind - body and spirit well. Enjoy this recipe with your family during the Easter weekend!

Original Recipe is from here! Thank you Clean Juice of Anthem for sharing!

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