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BTH made me feel like family, I was important!

My 8WW Journey

July 2020, I was in so much pain and overweight, I had mentioned to my daughter that I need to find a chiropractor in a bad way and fast. I was ready to ask my doctor for a cervical collar for my neck, so I didn’t have to hold my head up any more with the excruciating pain that I was experiencing. My daughter searched and she found Back to Health of Anthem. She called them and made an appointment for me and said there you go. I went, I was given a tour, met everyone, and got the consultation from Dr Hester that included x-rays and he then explained everything to me, what he saw on the x-rays, which was kind of a lot (you would have to ask him, too much for me to remember). I started to get very anxious and emotional of what was going to come next. He said “let me send you a few testimonials for you to watch and then you can make your decision. I went back into see him 2 weeks later, sat in his office crying my eyes out, I just want the pain to go away (I have had this pain for several years and was just getting worse). I said “Let’s do this”!

As Dr Hester as my (captain) guiding his team and giving me my much needed adjustments as I needed them. I started my 8WW the very next day. It was slow going at first, I had Ben giving me my personal workouts that catered to my body, the injuries and areas of pain, and I did this 3 days a week. I was able to meet with Heather once a week and she guided me with my choices of food and nutrition, which I thought I would struggle with more than I actually did. I did have a few setbacks, but I was able to get right back on track with her support. I was given a massage once a week, which helps work out any difficulties and painful areas (it was not a massage for relaxing). At the end of my 8 weeks, I was tested again, weight and measured, and the emotions that I felt, I can’t express on paper how excited, thankful, relieved I was to see the results.

I now continue my journey into the next 6 months of 3 days a week workouts, a massage, with Heather and Ben helping me along the way. I also get my adjustments that are required once a week with Dr Hester. I DO feel STRONGER, HEALTHIER, and HAPPIER, and have much less pain than I have had in a very long time.

The one thing that sticks out in my mind is, once I joined the program, I was never a patient or client, they made me feel like family, I was important! ALL of them, Dr Hester, Desiree, Sarah, Jordan, Heather, Ben, and Mary knew me by my first name. They welcomed me and remembered who I was and my story of why I was there in the first place.

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