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Balancing Act

Most Ironman athletes are already busy people with intentional fitness routines before they decide to train for three rigorous events of swimming, biking and running! There is certainly no doubt that training for an Ironman is a passionate and time consuming pursuit. Because of the time it takes to log those important miles, your priorities of family, friends, career, as well as achieving those training and nutritional goals is a balancing act. Thankfully with strategic planning, support, communication and accountability, you can make it happen.

Oh man…..what a week! The sunrise is starting to come a tad later in the morning and there always seems to not be enough time to get the workouts in. The biggest struggle with taking on a big athletic event is the balancing act of work and training. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get it all in. This is also where an amazing team comes in and Desiree goes the extra miles. She gets Max out for his walks and runs, she makes sure we have food in the fridge and takes such good care of our home despite all the responsibilities of working full time at Back to Health. Des allows me to focus on working and training and for that I am extremely thankful.

How did the training go this week?? Overall I would say that it went pretty good. We did strength work for the shoulder and I realized pushing motions, like an overhead press, don’t seem to bother it while pulling motions, like swimming, seem to affect it more as far as pain. Heather, Sarah and I ventured up to Lake Mary, near Flagstaff for our long ride this week and clicked off 60 miles on the bike followed by a 15 minute transition run off the bike. You can relive our trek here:

We then pulled our tired bodies out of bed early Sunday to watch the sunrise as we ran 9 miles over by Apache Wash. I can tell you the accountability of having my training partners makes all the difference in the world. It would be so easy to sleep in and not get the work done however this was a good week and now we keep on plugging along...

I truly believe if you set your mind on the importance things in your life and have the support to rally you on, any event, passions you have and even health and wellness goals are always possible. It's a balancing act to manage the time to care of your body, but it's worth it because it is the only place you have to live. Be fit, eat health and think well.

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