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Are SMART Goals Actually all that Smart?

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

It just wouldn’t feel like the end of the year if we didn’t talk about goal setting. Likely, you’ve been hit with every different version of “How to set New Year’s Resolutions that you’ll actually keep” over the last few weeks. Because the truth is, New Year’s Resolutions fail a lot. Like a LOT, a lot. Last stat I checked was 92% of resolutions fail before the end of the year, with over 70% failing by February! 

At Back to Health of Anthem we want to help you stay in that 8%! Getting to this time next year seeing your goals realized--can you imagine? What would that feel like for you? You can Google aaaall sorts of different goal setting strategies and one of the biggest formulas out there is SMART goals. It’s an acronym to break down the goal-setting process:

Simple Measurable Attainable Reachable Timely

While there are bits and pieces that I love about it, I think something HUGE is missing: There’s no passion. No connection to the heart behind it. No “why.” If you want to be successful at anything, especially something that will be difficult and stretch you, you must be deeply connected to why you’re actually doing it in the first place. 

Take a look at this surface-level example. Let’s say my goal is to lose weight. In front of me sits a salad and a cookie. Once my initial motivation and momentum have waned, if I’m hit with a moment of temptation and I’ve never thought about WHY I want to lose weight, I’m going to pick the cookie just about every time. 

But if I’ve thought about wanting to be able to take walks with my husband, keeping up with my kids, being around and healthy for grandkids--if THOSE reasons are crystal clear in my mind, then I’ve got never-ending motivation. And if there are moments when I slip up (and there will be) I can realign my focus to center around my “why.”

The one piece I do want to take from SMART goals is that with any goal, you have to be able to measure it. You have to know if you’ve “achieved” it. Wanting to be healthier is an amazing goal, but what markers can you look at in your life to know if you’re making progress? What will success look like for you? Does it simply mean going to bed on time so you can get up earlier? Walks 4 days a week? Or do you want concrete measurements...body fat, flexibility, inches lost?

That’s where we come in. At Back to Health of Anthem we have a proprietary program called 8 Weeks to Wellness that’s designed to take you from point A to B in your wellness goals. Well, ideally it would be from B to A (that’s a joke that’ll be funnier after you’ve been through the program.) We have a scoring system that can track and measure your physiology and function, measuring what we call “biomarkers of health.”  

We use this system to give you a wellness score based on those biomarkers, giving us your wellness score and actually give you a grade, A - F. We can take a look at each of those areas we measured and compare them to our results 8 weeks later. 8WW is a comprehensive program that not only targets your physical health but your mental health is well. Diet, healthy movement, chiropractic care, massage, even your attitude about all of it. We’ve got you covered.

You CAN make this decade better than the last. Start by calling us today to get your appointment on the books.

Give us 8 weeks and we can change your life.

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