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8WW changed my Life!

This amazing woman Judy finished our 8 weeks to wellness program in August of 2021. Her results were amazing and is continuing on with the accountability of our graduation program! Judy radiates her faith, light and joy everywhere she goes with her smile and energy! We are so grateful for the opportunities to link arms with Judy. Thank you for your trust and confidence!

“I’m BACK!! Thanks to Dr. B Hester and his incredible team! I’ve found my way back…Back to Health! At 65, I felt like the best was behind me being overweight with balance and blood pressure issues, also needing double knee replacement surgeries and NO energy. Then I had an evaluation with Dr. B and that very day I found HOPE! He gave me the facts about my health (which were hard to hear) but then shared a plan that could change my life. The 8 Weeks to Wellness program integrates Chiropractic Care, Nutritional Counseling, Functional and Strength Training and Massage Therapy. With Dr. B’s amazing knowledge of Chiropractic care and compassion along with his encouraging and loving team, I have looked forward to each new day! This program has changed my life. My 8 Weeks to Wellness may be nearing the end, but for me, this is just the beginning! My balance is back, my weight and blood pressure are down, my knees are feeling so much better and I LOVE my new energy! Thank you Dr. Hester for getting me on the path of Back to Health!”

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