Our Family

We are community of health and wellness professionals all dedicated to the same thing: you. At Back to Health of Anthem, our team is committed to providing you and your family with the highest quality of wellness chiropractic care available so you and your family can enjoy an active and healthy life. We personalize our approach to each person who walk through our doors in an effort to provide real solutions for real people. 

Our Team - Including Max-aroo
We work AND play together
We challenge each other
We celebrate with you

The Hesters

This family owned-and-operated Wellness facility is proudly run by Dr. Brian Hester and his wife Desiree Kretsch-Hester. They are active members of the Anthem Community. When they are not helping patients and hosting wellness events, they can be found traveling and conquering their own wellness goals. 


Meet The Team

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JoDee Cottam

Licensed Massage Therapist


Chris Beck

Licensed Massage Therapist

image (1).png

Genea Kreger

Communication Coordinator

Mary Frances

Functional Movement

and Mobility Specialist



Connoisseur of Petting

Benjamin Jouve
Functional Movement
and Mobility Specialist

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Sarah Gradillas

Health & Wellness Coordinator


Jordan Owens

Chiropractic Front Desk


Heather Larson

 8WW Coordinator

 Functional Nutritionist


Mary Frances
Functional Movement
and Mobility Specialist