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Dinner with the

Join us for a healthy meal and health-focused fellowship!


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We want to help you understand the power you have to live your best life. 


The #1 key to a healthy lifestyle is: YOU. People often think that getting healthier is going to be a complicated process. The reality is that it is truly simple, you've just got to be willing to put in the work. Dinner with the Doc is designed to shed light on healthy living. We'll talk about what works and what doesn't. We'll tackle the good, the bad and the straight up myth of today's wellness chatter. You are welcomed to bring a friend and bring your questions! Together, we can have honest conversations about health, and how to achieve it. 

Dinner is Served!

All attendees of Dinner with the Doc receive a healthy meal provided by our friends at Two Brother's Kitchen. Free dinner and wisdom? If you are looking to grow in your health mindset, this is a must-attend event.


RSVP is required and space is limited so reserve your spot today!

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