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"Sheltering Healthfully

in Place"


Did you miss our LIVE webinar? No worries. You can catch up by watching this video. 

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We are here to help you navigate your health. 

Our world has been shaken with this pandemic which is why we've created this resources page. Take a moment away from the chaos. Explore how you can take care of yourself and your families. We will be adding to the information here so check back often!

Join our online community for daily resources (like exercise routines and recipes) delivered to you virtually! Click here to join. 

Inspiration Gallery

Videos and Images to keep you informed and inspired to keep your health in focus. 


All Webinar Resources

Heading 3

COVID-19: A Natural Perspective

with Dr. Robert G Silverman, DC MS CNS

Looking for ways to stay educated and forward-moving in the mist of this pandemic? Watch this discussion on COVID-19 to learn how to prepare your natural immunity for maximum protection! 

Sheltering Healthfully in Place

with 8 Weeks to Wellness

Learn  from our 8WW Leadership Team as they discuss the top ten tips for staying healthy as you quarantine

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